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Gossamer LT5 Trekking Poles

Updated: May 18, 2023

Gossamer LT5 Trekking Poles

Gear: LT5 Three Piece Carbon Trekking Poles

The Gossamer Gear LT5 trekking poles are constructed with carbon fiber, which is an incredibly lightweight and strong material. The poles weigh in at a mere 4.9 ounces each, making them some of the lightest trekking poles available. The poles feature a three-section design, which makes them easy to collapse and pack away when not in use. The LT5 poles also come with interchangeable tips, so you can easily switch between rubber, carbide, or snow baskets depending on your hiking conditions.

Category: Backpacking / Hiking Gear

Weight: 4.9 oz each

Price Range: $195

Gossamer LT5 Trekking Poles with Tarptent

Pros: The Gossamer Gear LT5 trekking poles feature a comfortable cork grip, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The grip also has a moisture-wicking strap that will help keep your hands dry during long hikes. The poles come in three different sizes, so you can choose the right size for your height, which will help ensure that the poles feel comfortable and provide the right amount of support or you can use them as tent poles for your ultralight tent or tarp shelter (See picture). The carbon fiber construction of the Gossamer Gear LT5 trekking poles makes them incredibly durable. The poles also feature replaceable tips, so you can replace them when they become worn or damaged. Keep in mind these are trekking poles for hiking, not mountaineering. They are lightweight carbon fiber and can crack or split. Having said that you can buy replacement sections.

Cons: The handle straps are thin and not so comfortable, and they are not easily removable, so I cut mine off - now they are even lighter... With lots of use, you need to check that the twist locks are tightened or they can slip when heavy weight is applied.

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