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Shutter Bison’s Second Anniversary and 200th Post

Shutter Bison Birthday

Shutter Bison is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary and to top it all off this is the 200th post, all in the second year.

New Photos

This last year was the year for Nature photography and lots of hiking and traveling - acquiring over 390 new photos:

Birds: 118

Flowers: 159

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our blog: birdwatching! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of avian beauty as we embark on a journey to observe and appreciate the incredible diversity of birds. Whether an experienced birder or a curious beginner, our Birdwatching Blog will be your gateway to the enchanting realm of feathered creatures.

Return to Alaska

Our return to Alaska was an Adventure packed trip. We returned to Lake Clarke for more Coastal Brown Bears viewing, hiked Eagle River, experienced summer time Dog sledding, and even took an aerial tour of Mount Denali

Nature Photography in Colorado

This year's trip was in search of Bison, and during this adventure, we also came across other wildlife (Birds, Insects, Mammals) and some new Wildflowers.

Online Store

This past year we opened our online store with over 30 products ranging from postcards to Limited Edition Framed Prints. Visit our Store and see if there's something you like.


This next year we will return to Washington and Colorado for some new adventures. Stay tuned for year three.

The photographs contained in this website may not be reproduced without the express consent of Shutter Bison.

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