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Shutter Bison’s First Anniversary and 100th Post

Shutter Bison is celebrating its 1st Anniversary and to top it all off this is the 100th post, all in the first year.

The year went fast, but we had a lot of great adventures like Tracking animals for photography and some long-distance adventures in Washington, Alaska, and Colorado

Washington was a fishing trip that turned into a hunt for River Otters in Puget Sound. Alaska was a long trip with lots of adventures rolled up into one, from Denali all the way down to Seward with stops in between. You can follow the complete adventure by reading the post "The Last Frontier Alaskan Photography Adventure". Colorado was a quick trip but we still had a chance to make it to the base of the Rockies to explore the foothill grasslands of Colorado.

This next year we will be returning to Alaska and Washington for some new adventures. Stay tuned for year two.

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