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Don't be a Trail Idiot Part 2: The Dangerous Ones

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Most of us have come across these Trail Idiots whizzing by on the trail, the Mt. Bike Trail Idiots. Many trails are just wide enough for maybe two people side by side. This doesn't leave much space to safely avoid the Mt. Bikers that fly by without a care in the world. I have seen many people getting clipped by Mt Bikers and I have seen Mt. Bikers get launched avoiding the hikers. Im all for everyone enjoying the trails but please slow down or do like some considerate Mt. Bikers and put a bell on to let us know you are coming.

This Trail Idiot is a rarity compared to the others, but I do come across 1 or 2 each year. This is the Packing Heat Trail Idiot. In some cases, it is legal to carry a firearm in National Parks for protection or during Hunting and Fishing season. But, I am certain it's not legal to target practice with your new firearm on the trail, and yes, I have had bullets fly by while hiking on trails. I also come across the occasional illegal hunter wandering the trails. They are either out of season or just hunting in a way overpopulated area. When this happens to you be sure to make yourself seen or just hide and hope you don't get to reenact a scene from Deliverance.

The most dangerous of the Trail Idiots is the Cancer Stick Idiot. For whatever reason the Cancer Stick Idiots feel that they need to enjoy the great outdoors with a smoke, but when they toss the cigarette butts in the brush, that's just downright nuts and moves these people to a new level of Trail Dick's. Pretty much the whole western United States is a ticking timebomb of dry brush, and one careless person can destroy hundreds of miles of wilderness and even people's homes and lives in one careless moment. If you can't wait a few hours to smoke your cigarette in your nicotine-coated car or house then don't go hiking.

If you want some extra Trail points, pack out some trash or perform some trail maintenance to fix damaged areas.

The great outdoors is there for everyone to enjoy. Do your part to see that everyone does, Safely.

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