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Don't be a Trail Idiot

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Trail Idiot

Have you ever been on a hiking trail and encountered someone who was behaving recklessly or disrespectfully? Maybe they were playing loud music, littering, or disturbing wildlife. Perhaps they were ignoring trail rules, like hiking off-trail or not yielding to others. These types of people are often referred to as "Trail Idiots," and unfortunately, their behavior can have negative consequences for everyone else who uses the trail.

The most common of the Trail Idiot's is the Littering Trail Idiot. For whatever reason the Littering Trail Idiot thinks it's ok to discard trash on the trail. You packed it in, you can pack it out. It's even lighter now. When you get enough Littering Trail Idiots in one area you get State and Federal Parks that shut down due to the amount of trash.

Music is great, but when you have it cranked for all to hear on the trail you are the Inconsiderate Trail Idiot. If there was any wildlife on the trail they are long gone, and not everyone enjoys the Inconsiderate Trail Idiot music you do. I believe they have earbuds now. The only downside to the earbuds is you won't hear the rattlesnake warning you that it's going to bite you.

The definition of “Trail” is; (1) : a track made by passage especially through a wilderness. (2) : a marked or established path or route especially through a forest or mountainous region. This definition seems to be difficult for the Off Trail Idiot. The trail is there for a reason. It's meant for you to enjoy the environment without damaging the surrounding areas. Off Trail Idiots walking off trail or cutting switchbacks kills plants and most of all causes erosion that can never be repaired.

I'm fine with dogs out on the trail, but when they drop a load it's up to the owner to take care of it. Hence the Dog Walker Trail Idiot, is the person who goes through the trouble to bring plastic bags to pick up the waste then leaves it on the side of the trail.... Heelllo, the bag was meant for you to take the shit with you not leave on the trail. Now it will take decades to decompose, and not months if you would have just left it there without bagging it up with a pretty little knot..

Everyone has to go sometime, even on the trail. This brings me to the Nature Calls Trail Idiot. When that time comes, don't do it on the side of the trail and leave a Cottonelle Flower. All the popular trails have an area that is full of the white cottonelle flowers Nature Calls Trail Idiot’s planted. If you cant hold it, make the effort and walk off the trail a good 100 feet and away from water to do the deed. DIG a hole and bury it. For those Nature Calls Trail Idiots in the Mt Whitney area, use the WAG bags and PACK it out. Nothing worse than hiking one of the most beautiful trails and seeing all the Shit bags on the trail.

When trail idiots cause damage or disturbances, land managers may respond by closing trails or implementing new rules that make it more difficult for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. This is particularly frustrating for those who have followed the rules and respected the environment. Don't be a Trail Idiot

If you want some extra Trail points, pack out some trash or perform some trail maintenance to fix damaged areas.

The great outdoors is there for everyone to enjoy. Do your part to see that everyone does.

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