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Don't be a Trail Idiot Part 4: Look At Me

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I haven't been to the top of Strawberry peak in about 7 years and decided to make an early morning trek this past weekend. It's a fairly easy trail until you reach the 2-mile marker, then it's all uphill and difficult in some sections. We reached the summit around 7 am only to be in a line of spandex-clad women waiting to use the "Strawberry Peak" signs for their selfies. That brings us to the Here's Your Sign Trail Idiot. Yes, there is a selection of signs at the top for people to hold in the photos. Oh, and it's also a thing for you to bring actual strawberries to eat in your photos. From the LA mountains all the way to San Bernandino, all the popular Social Media peaks have signs, for the Here's Your Sign Trail Idiots.

This next group of people take the cake for Trail Idiots and will be known as the WTF Trail Idiots. I have seen many odd things on trails, but these people, why, why, why. In order to get this far up the trail on motorcycles and scooters, they had to get around two locked gates which are both on private property, then past a sign that says NO motorized vehicles, and up about a mile on a rocky single-track trail. The trail is just wide enough for a single person to walk on and in some areas you are going to brush up against plants. The hills are extremely dry and dry grass on a hot engine would easily start a fire. If you recognize these WTF Trail Idiots the Angeles Crest Ranger Station would like to take some cash from them for the violation fund.


If you want some extra Trail points, pack out some trash or perform some trail maintenance to fix damaged areas.

The great outdoors is there for everyone to enjoy. Do your part to see that everyone does, Safely.

The photographs contained in this website may not be reproduced without the express consent of Shutter Bison.

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