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Insects are Amazing: The Robber Fly

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Robber Fly with prey

The Robber Fly is also called the Assassin Fly; for good reason, they are designed to hunt and kill other insects. The Robber Flies favorite prey are other flying insects that don't have a chance. The Robber Flies are the Peregrine Falcons of the insect world. They like to perch high up and wait for insects to fly by. Once they lock on to their prey, the hunt is on with the Robber Fly pursuing and catching the prey in mid-flight. Robber Flies are the only insect that can do this.

They are equipped with spiked legs that lock unsuspecting insects in a death grip along with a unique bunch of firm bristles just above a dagger-like beak to protect their faces from the trashing insects. The dagger-like beak punctures the insect's exoskeleton and injects them with paralyzing neurotoxic saliva that starts digesting the insect's insides while in flight. Upon landing the prey is ready to suck dry while it's still alive.

Robber Fly

Robber Flys can be found worldwide and be as large as 3 inches in size. They are not just committed to hunting flying insects. They will also attack beetles, spiders, and even ants. They have been known to hunt insects much larger than themselves and also have been known to bite humans for defensive reasons.

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