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Polarpro Circular Polarizer Filter

Updated: May 18, 2023

Polarpro Filter

Gear: Polarpro Circular Polarizer Filter | Quartzline

A circular polarizer filter is a landscape photographer's most sought-after camera accessory as it helps bring contrast and vivid, natural saturation to a photograph. Normally, a CP is used for landscape compositions featuring water, snow, ice, blue skies, and foliage as it can help darken the sky, remove reflections, and reduce unwanted glare from the scene.

Category: Camera Gear

Weight: 29g - 37.5g

Price Range: $99.99 - $129.99

Polarpro Filter

Excellent build quality. The filter frame is made from Brass and the glass is fused Quartz with 16 coating layers for anti-scratch, anti-oil, and a hydrophobic coating which helps repel water and dust. The brass frame has "aggressive knurling" which is perfect for cold wet hands when making adjustments. Best of all the Filter comes with a heavy-duty plastic/metal case and cleaning cloth. With all the features it makes for a must-have filter for Landscape photographers.


little pricey and there can be some vignetting in rare cases in the right conditions

Polarpro Filter

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