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Shimoda Action X70 Backpack

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Gear: Shimoda Action X70 Backpack with X-Large Core Unit

The Shimoda Action X70 Backpack with the X-Large Core unit holds a lot of gear and accessories. It holds my Nikon D850 with a 200-500mm lens assembled with no problem. The zippered opening along the top of the backpack provides plenty of room for accessories, some food, and a change of clothes or light jacket.

Category: Camera Gear

Weight: 5.1 lbs

Price Range: $499.95


Fits well, and is comfortable for wearing all day. No rain cover is needed, already water-resistant and the pack material is thick and tough against scratches and abrasions. Large side pockets are hidden until needed and are able to carry a tripod or 32 oz water bottle on either side. An added bonus is when you take your pack off and set it down it stands straight up without falling over. The waist belt has loops that can hold hiking poles, ice picks, or a tripod. The X70 also has more padding in the Arm and waist straps, which is very helpful when your pack is at 50+ Lbs. Another bonus of having both the X30 and X70 packs is when I need to do a backcountry trip, I can use the Smaller Core unit and have lots of room for a tent, sleeping bag, and other items for a weekend trip.


No hip belt pockets, If you use a water bladder, make sure it's one that has a fairly long water tube, the one I normally use is 4 inches too short. There are fewer Expansion pockets than in the X30 model. This is a much larger pack. I would have thought more pockets - but no.

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