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Sirui PH-10 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Sirui PH-10 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

Gear: Sirui PH-10 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

The Sirui PH-10 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head from Sirui is a great solution to the problem of shooting moving subjects with a long telephoto lens. Ball heads and 3-way heads can be cumbersome in fast-moving situations, but the gimbal head makes a camera and heavy lens seemingly weightless and offers smooth and precise tracking for fast-moving subjects, like when shooting sports or wildlife.

Category: Camera Gear

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Price Range: $279 - $299

Sirui PH-10 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head on Tripod

The 8x multi-layer carbon fiber and aluminum alloy construction on the L-bracket gives the PH-10 a load capacity of 33 lb while weighing only 2.2 lb. Carbon fiber also reduces vibrations and provides better tolerance for temperature changes. The included Arca-type quick-release plate features an anti-twist lip to prevent unwanted movement. Also, comes with a manufacturer warranty of 6 years.


There are very few if any cons to this piece of gear. The only item to mention, and is easily fixed with a longer Arca-compatible plate; is when using a large heavy telephoto lens with a mirrorless body, it's a little difficult to balance the rig.

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