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Coffee on the Trail

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Camping and Coffee

When you're on the Trail you always find ways to make things lighter. That even applies to your food. But some things you just don’t skimp on. Coffee on the trail is usually something people need to get the day going especially after hiking all day and waking up sore and grumpy. For a while, I used Trader Joe's instant coffee which comes in small packets. The packets come with Sugar and dried cream already mixed in. Just add to hot water and you're good to go. But Trader Joe's instant coffee packs lack that “Good” coffee taste.

But there’s hope, Nature’s 100-Percent Colombian Coffee Kettle. It's a great item for multiple people or for that person who needs multiple cups of coffee to wake up. It has a coffee pack (100% Colombian Coffee) in the top portion. You pour your 4 cups of hot water over the Coffee pouch and seal it up. Then let it steep for 10 mins. If you want stronger coffee carefully hold it at an angle to get the hot liquid back in the top portion and repeat until you think it's good enough to drink. Tastes like home-brewed coffee. Just remember to bring Sugar and creamer.

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