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Camera Gear Storage for Hiking

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Proper storage for camera gear is essential when hiking as it helps to protect your equipment from damage and wear caused by environmental factors. Hiking exposes your camera gear to the elements, including moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures, all of which can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic devices. To prevent this, it is crucial to store your camera gear in a protective bag or case that provides adequate cushioning and shielding. Proper storage also helps you stay organized, making it easier to access your equipment when you need it quickly. Investing in high-quality storage solutions for your camera gear will help ensure that it stays in top condition and ready for use, enabling you to capture stunning photographs during your hikes.

  1. Mountainsmith Borealis 35L Camera Backpack

  2. Lowepro GearUp Camera Box - for Misc Items / Cleaning Items

  3. Lowepro GearUp Camera Box - for Lights and filters

  4. Peak Designs Camera Cube (Small)

Items 1-3 I use for day hike adventures. It allows me to carry 2 Camera bodies and 4 lenses with the Misc / cleaning items and lighting.

Items 1 and 2 I use for multi-day adventure hikes. It allows me to carry a Camera body and 2 lenses with the Misc / cleaning items and lighting. With Peak Design Camera Cube it allows me to safely put my Camera equipment into my Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction pack.

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