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Peak Designs Slide Lite Camera Strap

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Peak Designs Slide Lite

Gear: Peak Designs Slide Lite Camera Strap

Smart design, it doesn't have to be just for holding a camera, it can also be used as a sling for other gear or a bag. Whatever you can attach the Anchor connectors too you can carry.

Category: Camera Gear

Weight: 3.7 oz

Price Range: $49.95

Pros: Has a Grippy side of the strap that helps prevent slipping, which is helpful when its hot and you're sweaty. Will work with pretty much any camera. Easily adjustable and STRONG, holds over 200lbs

Cons: Has some comfort issues around the neck area with my Nikon Z7 II and 200mm Lens.

Peak Designs Slide Lite with backpack

Tip: I weave the Slide Lite Camera Strap through the top loops of the arm straps on my Shimoda Action X30 Backpack. This allows me to carry my heavy rig all day with no issues. The weight is not longer on my neck, it's distributed over the backpack.

Another Tip for larger camera rigs, is for using the Anchor Connectors on your camera. By default you would think to attach them to the top strap loops of your camera. Don’t, it works out better if you attach one to the left top camera anchor loop and to the bottom using a Peak

Peak Design

Designs Anchor Mount. Doing this helps keep your camera in a more comfortable position and lens pointing straight down and not outward.

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