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Serious Backpacking Disease - Ultralightus

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Balance Rock

Ultralightus: adj.uhl-truh–lahyt-us: the extremely contagious and serious backpacking disease of weighing, modifying, and figuring out multipurpose for items associated with backpacking in order to go longer and farther. Treatment: Many hours of web surfing and Youtube watching, along with lots of money if you give up and buy it….

Even though your back may thank you and you can move faster and go further, there is a limit as to how light you should go with shaving off the weight. There are items you should never remove from your pack to save weight;

  • Proper clothing – never skimp on the proper clothing. Be prepared, at high elevations the weather can change every hour.

  • Sleeping Bag – always take a sleeping bag or quilt that has proper temp rating for your trip. You can go with a lighter bag or quilt and sleep with clothing layers. But never go without.

  • Shelter – bring the properly rated shelter for the season. Whether its a tent, tarp, or bivy bring something to protect yourself from the elements. Even if its hot bring something to protect yourself from the sun and insects.

With all your efforts, time, and money spent to go ultralight, it comes down to one thing that can make or break your excellent backpacking trip. COMFORT, Comfort items can boost your moral, or even allow you to get a good night’s sleep even if it adds a little weight. A Comfort item can be a thicker sleeping pad because you have a bad back, or thicker long johns because you run colder then most, or a coffee press because your day can’t start without a great cup of coffee. Everyone is different, so find your own happy weight, and comfort items. If you travel with others maybe you can share the load and everyone can have a great cup of coffee in the morning after a comfortable night’s sleep.

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