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What do I do with all my Old Photography Gear

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Like many photographers that have been in the business for many years, you acquire a lot of gear. Camera Bodies, Lenses, Tripods, Flashes, Filters, Monopods, Drones, and so on. These types of items can easily be sold to buy newer gear or just to get some cash to pay for the next photography adventure.

In today's economy, new gear can either be hard to come by because of a shortage of material to make it, or it just costs way too much due to inflation. These two factors have increased the need for used equipment. The mega camera stores have realized this and figured that if people won't buy new why not sell used as well? There are many retailers that will buy your used camera gear. The following three are ones I have dealt with and have had far quotes.

The easier of the three to get a fast quote for your gear are KEH and B and H. As soon as you enter in your gear you have an instant quote for that item. As for Adorama, you have to submit the quote request and they will get back to you with prices.

The process I follow for getting the best quote is I have both B and H and KEH quote systems open and whichever gives me the best price is who I go with. Once you have your instant quote and you accept, instructions and a pre-paid return label are provided for you to print. You will also be asked which form of payment you would like. For KEH you get to select a mailed check or Paypal payment. For B and H you can select check or B and H Gift card.

Once you are all done packing up your gear and applying the prepaid postage you can take the box to your local FedEx drop-off point. You will be notified once they received your box and either follow thru with the original quote or adjust it. In some cases, they will reject your gear with a reason and send back your items at no cost to you.

Many of them not only take used camera gear but also used video gear, camera bags, cases, and even cell phones.

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