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Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix and Energy Chews Review

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

I have used Skratch Labs products for years. The Hydration mixes taste great and I don’t get that bonk feeling after using it like other mixes. The reason behind using Skratch Labs Hydration mixes and the importance of the electrolytes still applies for any intense activity and especially when you're backpacking a long distance during the summer in California. I go through 3 liters of water every 9 miles on a 95+ day. All that water is exiting my system as sweat. Cramps, Fatigue and loss of energy are not far behind if you're not replacing the electrolytes you lose while sweating.

I use a water bladder system and don’t feel like scrubbing out hydration mix from the tubes or the mold if I forget to clean it, so I take a small plastic water bottle and make a super concentrated mix (Two singles pouches or 3 scoops for a 12 oz bottle) with Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix to sip from every so often.

By the way… I was mixing the Lemon/Lime and Strawberry mixes together long before they came out with a Strawberry Lemonade version.

As soon as they came out with an Energy Chew I was all over it. Not only do all the flavors taste great, and they don't contain all the junk ingredients that many of the competing products do which can cause an upset stomach.

They have all kinds of new Flavors and products, Visit their website and see for yourself.

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