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Best Source For Prescription Sunglasses

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Mountaineering with SportRx Glasses


A San Diego-based company, was founded by passionate opticians who actively participate in various sports like cycling, running, and skiing. For over two decades, they have specialized in creating custom prescription sport sunglasses, including prescription snow goggles, catering to athletes across a wide range of sports. Their expertise lies in crafting prescription wrap-around lenses, enabling people to have better vision while enjoying their favorite activities.

With an extensive selection of styles available for almost any sport, I recently sought a pair of Alpine glasses for an upcoming mountaineering trip and discovered the Dragon Mountaineer Glasses on SportRx's website. I placed an order online and easily uploaded my prescription. Remarkably, the glasses arrived within a week and had an impressive design and comfortable fit. However, there was an issue with the prescription being incorrect.

Upon contacting SportRx's customer service, they promptly acknowledged the problem and provided me with a prepaid return label. I sent the glasses back, and as soon as they received them, Tim, one of their sports opticians, personally called me. He informed me that they had thoroughly checked the prescription against the information I had provided and discovered that my regular eye doctor had inadvertently sent me my father's prescription instead of mine.

To my surprise, SportRx assured me that rectifying the situation was not a problem for them. They kindly requested that I send them the correct prescription, and they would take care of the necessary adjustments. I was truly impressed by their exceptional customer service and willingness to go the extra mile. This level of service is indeed rare to find.

As a result of this outstanding experience, I will continue to purchase my sports glasses from SportRx at Additionally, I highly recommend their services to as many people as possible, given their commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to handle prescription issues efficiently.

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