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Topo Ultraventure 2 Trail Runner Shoes

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Gear: Topo Ultraventure 2 Trail Runner Shoes

I used Altra Lone Peak Shoes for years before I found the Topo Ultraventure. The Altra Lone Peaks were comfortable with a large toe box, and lightweight for backpacking. The problem with the Altra's was only getting about 320 miles out of a pair on average. They would fall apart and the tread would be gone. I was eating up 3-4 pairs a year. At $140 a pair, the cost of shoes was adding up. Two years ago I came across a new shoe made by Topo Athletic, the Ultraventure. The Ultraventure had the same comfort, a large toe box, and was pretty much the same weight. The only difference was I was getting about 150 more miles out of the shoes.

Category: Trail Runner / Backpacking Shoes

Weight: 12 oz

Price Range: $101.25 - $135.00

Pros: The Ultraventure shoes fit great out of the box. Many shoes need a break-in period, but not these. The outsole has well-spaced lugs to prevent material build-up but is aggressive enough for great traction in all types of conditions. The upper portion of the shoe is made from a durable mesh that breathes well and drys fast for wet trails and bad weather. The Ultraventures have added attachment points on the heel of the shoe for use with the Topo Gaiters.

Cons: The tread on the shoes seems to be the first thing to go. No rock plate, so you will feel more sharp rocks on the trails. The spaced mesh of the upper material lets in dirt and dust.

Note: For Trail Running or Hiking shoes be sure to buy a size larger than your regular shoes for more comfort. Your feet do swell and the extra space in the front helps with descending making for more miles in comfort.

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